Discover 9 Best Viewpoints in Prague for Stunning Cityscapes

Discover 9 Best Viewpoints in Prague for Stunning Cityscapes

I’m not going to lie, I think Prague is indeed the most beautiful city in the whole world. I love to wander along the riverside and get lost in the streets but my all-time favourite thing is to see and admire the fantastic panorama from above from one of the countless viewpoints. Because one of the best ways to experience the city is by visiting its viewpoints, which offer outstanding views of the city’s skyline and landmarks.

In this article, I’ll take a look at some of the best viewpoints in Prague that you won’t want to miss. You can choose if you want to take a walk in the park, climb one of the historical towers in the city centre, take a funicular to the top of the hill to enjoy Prague panorama in a more natural environment or visit the highest Prague buildings.

So let’s dive into the 9 best viewpoints in Prague based on my recommendation as a local.

You can find all the viewpoints on a map at the end of this article.

Hradcany Square

I’m pretty sure you won’t miss visiting Prague Castle during your trip to Prague. So don’t forget to visit the nearby viewpoints as well! Because the Prague Castle location on the hill called Opys, it has pretty amazing views to offer.

The panorama view from the Prague Castle ramp in the lower part of Hradcany Square will completely enchant you with a magical atmosphere primarily at sunrise. Because if you wake up early, you’ll be rewarded not only by the magical sunrise view, but this place has a completely different vibe when it’s not packed with crowds of tourists. And I think it’s worth it.

Nice views are also from the Plecnik’s Gardens on the premises of Prague Castle, from the Castle Stairs (both old and new stairs), from the “Na Opysi” viewpoint, and of course from the Great South Tower of the St. Vitus Cathedral.

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Letna Gardens

This is a must-visit location for anyone looking for breathtaking views of the city. The gardens are located on a hill and offer panoramic views of the city and the Vltava River. Within the Letna Gardens, there are two viewpoints that are particularly noteworthy.

Prague Metronome

The first of them is right at the Prague Metronome which is an artwork by sculptor Vratislav Novak officially called “The Time Machine”. But everyone calls it a metronome or pendulum. The sculpture was installed in 1991, replacing a giant statue of Stalin that was luckily demolished after the fall of communism.

Nowadays you can find a nice event place called Stalin right under the Metronome with live music, open-air cinema, stand-up comedy or slam poetry.

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Hanavsky Pavilion

If you want to enjoy the iconic view of Prague bridges over the Vltava river, visit the viewpoint in front of Hanavsky Pavilion or right from their restaurant summer terrace. The Hanavsky Pavilion is a Neo-Baroque building that is very interesting visually, technically and historically. It was the very first cast iron building in Prague and originally stood in Holesovice at an exhibition in 1891 as a showcase representing Komarov Ironworks. Then it was dismantled and moved to Letna Gardens.

Against the flow of the Vltava River, you can see 6 Prague Bridges namely the Manes Bridge in the foreground, Charles Bridge behind it and then in the distance the Legion Bridge, Jirasek Bridge and Palacky Bridge. Directly in front of us is the Old Town with the dominant Tyn Church on the Old Town Square. Newer high-rise buildings in Prague’s Pankrac rise on the horizon and, as perhaps on every view in Prague, the Zizkov Television Tower.

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Old Town Bridge Tower

Another surely iconic Prague view can be found right in the city centre on one side of the famous Charles Bridge. If you climb 138 steps to the observation deck of The Old Town Bridge Tower, which was built in the 14th century and is considered to be a Gothic gem of European value, you can enjoy a scenic view in all directions.

The sight above the Charles Bridge leading to Prague Castle is breathtaking especially during sunset when the sun sets right behind the castle. The tower viewpoint usually doesn’t get too busy so it’s quite fun to watch the bustle on the Charles Bridge from this calm place.

Another and also charming view is from the opposite Lesser Town Bridge Tower on the other end of the bridge.

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Petrin Gardens

Petrin Gardens are very popular for romantic walks especially in spring when all the fruit trees bloom and their nice smell is present on every step. You can either take a nice walk through the gardens or take a funicular. 

Even though I like walking and I think that you should deserve a view, which very often comes as a reward after a more or less hard hike, taking a funicular from Ujezd to Petrin is a very nice experience on its own. If you enter at the very bottom of the funicular car, you’ll have some stunning views from the ride on top of that.

Petrin Gardens are quite widely spread, as it is the largest green area in the city centre, and has several viewpoints you can discover along the way through the gardens. My all-time favourite Prague view is located at the edge of Petrin Gardens right next to Strahov Monastery. It is by the statue of the Virgin Mary in Exile. This view is just unbeatable.

But speaking of Petrin, you can also visit the observation deck of Petrin Tower, “the little Eiffel Tower”. Did you know that being on top of the Petrin Tower you are actually higher than being on top of the Eiffel Tower? That’s because of the height of Petrin Hill, which causes the altitude of the Prague tower to be higher in total.

Funicular tip: The Funicular is a part of Prague’s public transport system and if you have a valid ticket for 24 hours or longer, you can use it for the funicular as well. If not, you’ll need to buy a 60 CZK (2 EUR) funicular ticket.

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Visiting Vysehrad should be on your Prague bucket list as well as Prague Castle. This calm place has a completely different mood than the busy Prague Castle. If you want to spend a nice leisure time with walks, views, picnics or beer gardens, Vysehrad is a perfect place to visit. 

The dominant neo-gothic Basilica of St. Peter and Paul is beautifully decorated and its chimes play a song every hour which gives this place a lovely character. Don’t miss a glance into the Vysehrad cemetery with Slavin tomb where the most eminent Czech personalities are buried. 

Walking around the fortification walls you can enjoy the view literally in all directions. The most beautiful is probably above the Vltava River and mainly the one pointed to Prague Castle.

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Vitkov Hill and Vitkov National Monument

I think that Vitkov Hill and Vitkov National Monument are quite overlooked and that is a huge pity. The hill itself offers amazing views and the whole area of the monument is astonishing. The view from the statue or from the open area in front of the memorial is pointed to Prague Castle and is really beautiful during sunsets.

The monumental functionalist National Memorial on Vitkov Hill is part of the National Museum. You can visit the memorial for exhibitions, the roof viewpoint, the impressive interior or the café with a nice terrace. One of the largest equestrian statues in the world stands in front of the memorial. The bronze statue displays Jan Zizka of Trocnov and it commemorates one of the famous Hussite wars that happened here in the 15th century.

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Rieger Gardens

A very popular sunset view is from Rieger Gardens (Riegrovy sady), which are pretty close to the city centre. Just a few minutes walking from Wenceslas Square (Vaclavske namesti) will get you to lovely gardens on quite a steep slope. You can sit here on the grass, have a picnic and watch the stunning scenery in the sky when the sun sets behind Prague Castle. Rieger Gardens are also known for traditional beer gardens that often host music, sports and other events.

Extra tip: Visit also the nearby Rajska Garden (Rajska zahrada) which is one of my favourite Prague hidden gems. It’s a small garden with an amazing sunset view, a cascade fountain and a little lake that has several water turtles.

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Zizkov TV Tower

There are many fascinating views in Prague but the highest one is definitely from Zizkov Television Tower. With its 222 metres height, it is the highest building in Prague. It often ranks among the ugliest buildings in the world. But over the years it has found a stable place on the Prague panorama. 

A 360-degree observation deck is located at a height of 93 metres so there is no chance you’ll find a higher viewpoint. The tower is decorated with black giant crawling babies by sculptor David Cerny. You can also enjoy dinner at Oblaca restaurant located at a height of 66 metres or stay in the One Room Hotel right above the restaurant.

Map of the best viewpoints in Prague

Prague is a city that is rich in history and beauty, and it’s no surprise that it’s a popular destination for tourists and also photography enthusiasts. The viewpoints I listed above are just a few of the many that the city has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful escape or a panoramic view of the city, these viewpoints are sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

Don’t forget to bring your camera or phone and snap some photos at these viewpoints, and share with us your best shots! Tag @pragueviews on Instagram or Prague Views on Facebook.

What is your favourite viewpoint in Prague? Leave a comment right below.

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