About Prague Views Project

About Prague Views Project

Prague Views is a project created out of a deep love for the city of Prague and its stunning views. As someone who enjoys observing the city from above, I wanted to share my favourite viewpoints with you. From the famous Prague Castle views to hidden gems tucked away in quiet neighbourhoods, Prague has so much to offer in terms of breathtaking views.

My passion for Prague led me to study more about the city and its history, so I completed a course to become a official Prague Guide. Through this project, I hope to provide a unique perspective on the city’s most beautiful views and share my knowledge and love of Prague with you.

Hey, My name is Vera Nemochovska, and I am the creator of Prague Views.

Prague is not only my hometown, but also my home, my happy place.

In addition to my love for Prague, I really enjoy photography, movement, and travelling. I have a special love for handbalancing, which has been a part of my life for many years. With a background in online marketing, I enjoy exploring new ways to share my passions and connect with people.