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Strahov is located on Petrin Hill and thanks to its elevated position it offers a unique view of Prague.

The view can be found at the southeast corner of the huge Strahov Stadium. The stadium was opened in 1926 on the occasion of VIII. Sokol meeting and its capacity is an incredible 280 thousand people. The Spartakiads were held here before the stadium was used for concerts. For example, the famous Rolling Stones concert in 1990 was attended by 100,000 people, five years later even 127,000. 115,000 fans came to see Pink Floyd in 1994 and from the local performers the Nedved Brothers concert was the biggest, which in 1996 was attended by 60,000 people. Currently, the stadium is rented by football team AC Sparta Praha for training purposes until 2030.

An important point in this area is also the university dormitory for CTU students. The area was built in 1964–1965 and its capacity is almost 4.8 thousand students. There are shops, bars, canteen, playground, climbing wall and swimming pool.

The most interesting view is close to the Strahov bus stop near the high tower, surrounded by concrete water tanks. The tower is actually a ventilation tower, which is part of the Strahov tunnel and takes air from the underground to the surface. The tower is 49 meters high above the surface and goes 30 meters below the ground into the tunnel. The tunnel is 2004 meters long and connects the Prague district of Smichov with Brevnov and Stresovice. From the Smichov side it continues to the Mrazovka tunnel, from the other side to Malovanka where it is connected to the Brusnicky tunnel from the Blanka tunnel complex. The Strahov tunnel was opened in 1997 and in addition to its transport function it can also serve as a cover and is part of the Metro Protection System. The cover is connected to the metro line B and can accommodate up to 15,000 people for a maximum of 72 hours.

The view itself is oriented primarily towards Smichov and Kosire. On the opposite side above the valley there is the Pavi vrch (Peacock Hill), on which we will certainly go in the future too. Pankrac, Vysehrad, the city center and in the distance also Zizkov with its transmitter are visible across the Vltava River from right to left.

How to get to the view Strahov

Public Transport
bus Stadion Strahov (143, 149, 176, 191, 265, 910)
bus Koleje Strahov (143, 149)

tram Malovanka (22, 23, 25, 42, 97)

cycle route A32

Car (parking near university dorms, parking zones on

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