Ztracenka Garden

Ztracenka Garden

The Ztracenka Garden in Nove Mesto will enchant you with its calm atmosphere, which invites you to slow down, relax or have a picnic with a beautiful sunset view.

The Ztracenka Garden is literally a hidden gem becasue Ztracenka means “lost” in Czech. You can find the garden on a steep slope between Albertov, Karlov and Nove Mesto (New Town) fortification walls. The charming Italian-style park was designed by architect Michal Gavlas, who was inspired by the gardens below Prague Castle and their author Josip Plecnik. The slope of the garden is full of terraces and red brick walls and rest areas with benches and flower beds.

The garden was opened in 2010 after its complete reconstruction. The local area has historically served as a vineyard and orchard since 1791 as the records say. Later there was a playground, but then this place fell into disrepair for years. During the reconstruction, most of the full-grown trees were cut down and more than 70 new trees were planted.

In 2018, a monument to the victims of two totalitarian regimes was unveiled in the Ztracenka Garden. This beautiful and peaceful place was chosen to be the site of the monument to honour the thousands of victims of nazism and communism in this country throughout 20th century exemplified by a Czech politican Milada Horakova who was executed by the communist regime. According to the monument authors, architect Ondrej Tucek and sculptor Ladislav Sorokac, the monument portraits the clash between good and evil, roughness and gentleness at the same time, one’s filth and one’s purity. Therefore, it is depict in the form of two rough boulders, which grip and crush the white marble pebble symbolizing a heart.

The terraced character of Ztracenka Park gives you a taste of quite unusual views of Prague. Due to the orientation of the slope, it is perfect to plan a visit at a sunset, which is truly magical from here at any time of year. In this quiet place, hidden from the bustle of the city, you can enjoy an uncommon view of Vysehrad and the Basilica of St. Peter and Paul, the church of St. Apollinaire, the lower part of Nove Mesto around the Vltava River, Podskali or Strahov on the opposite hill.

This charming and peaceful garden is part of the pedestrian connection of the greenery from the Nusle Valley through the New Town Walls and the Bastion at Calvary to the Albertov slopes and the Katerinska Garden.

Openning hours
Open daily
May–September 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
October–April 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Dogs are not allowed in the garden.

How to get to the view Ztracenka Garden

Public Transport
bus Apolinarska (148)

tram Albertov (7, 14, 18, 24, 93, 95)

Car (parking zones on en.mapy.cz)

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