Ruins of Baba

Ruins of Baba

The Baba ruins on a hill on the left bank of the Vltava River is a place of unclear origin with a beautiful and far view of Prague.

There are several theories about the origin of the ruins. Supposedly it is the remains of a vineyard press from the 17th century from the vineyard that was located here. However according to other sources, it is a ruin of a chapel, or a newer Romanesque building from the beginning of the 19th century, which was completed with Gothic-style windows.

The ruin is located on the outskirts of Prague’s Baba district next to the neighboring Hanspaulka. Both neighborhoods are a wonderful showcase of functionalist villas. At night, both the ruins and the access road are lighted, so you can plan your visit also in the evenings. Directly below the rock, along the Vltava River, there is a railway line through Sedlec to Kralupy nad Vltavou and further north.

If you see giraffes running on the opposite hill across the river, you are not out of your mind. You are looking at the Prague Zoo. The view here is very far, you can see almost all of Prague. Of course, Prague Castle dominates the view at a rather unusual “opposite” angle than we know from e. g. photographs and postcards. On the right in the foreground we can see Podbaba district with a distinctive 88 meters high building of the Hotel International. Directly below us is Císařský Island, the biggest island in Prague, with wastewater treatment plant. The new Troja Bridge can also be seen upstream.

How to get to the view Ruins of Baba

Public Transport
bus U Mateje (131, 216, 907 and historical line K)
bus Vyzkumny ustav vodohospodarsky (107, 147, 160, 340, 350, 355, 902, 909, 954)
bus Zezulka (160)

metro Dejvicka (green line A)

cycle route 077 a A17

Car (parking in Baba, street Na Ostrohu, parking zones on

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