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Podhori in Bohnice

Podhori in Bohnice is a rocky nature reserve with a significant geological character. It is a perfect place to enjoy both nature and far view of Prague.

The Podhori reserve is located on the right bank of the Vltava River. Its rocky cliffs reach a height of up to 100 m and there are many rare and protected species of plants, insects, reptiles and birds.

This area was inhabited six thousand years ago. Archaeological researches has revealed signs of prehistoric settlements dating back to the early Stone Age.

From the rock outcrop you can see the Prague district Sedlec directly across the river. On both banks, cycling paths follow the river further north. Towards the center of Prague, the Vltava River is gradually surrounded by urban development. The largest part of the view is oriented to Prague 6. It is no exception here that the view is dominated by Prague Castle with Chram sv. Vita (St. Vitus Cathedral).

How to get to the view Podhori in Bohnice

Public Transport
bus Sidliste Bohnice (102, 200, 236, 905)
bus Zamky (236)

ferry Zamky (P1 from Sedlec)
ferry Podhori (P2 from Podbaba)

metro Kobylisy (red line C)

cycle route A2 a A28

Car (parking in Bohnice street Fertekova, parking zones on

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