Parukarka Park

Parukarka Park

Parukarka Park on the Hill of the Holy Cross is located in Prague district Zizkov and is a great place to go to relax in the city and enjoy the sunset over Prague.

On the Holy Cross hill with an altitude of 276 m, there were originally vineyards founded by Emperor Charles IV. already in the 14th century. The hill was probably named after a wooden cross, which was placed at its top in 1822. Another theory, to which the Hill of the Holy Cross owes its name, can be found on the panels of the nature trail leading through the park. Parukarka Park, which is located on part of the hill, began to be called this after the local homestead was bought by Jan Hrabanek, a Prague wigmaker (wig – paruka).

In 1826, French businessmen Sellier & Bellot opened a factory for percussion caps and ammunition here, which was called Kapslovna. After more than a hundred years, the factory was moved to city Vlasim due to the safety of surrounding buildings, that had been built closer and closer to it.  At the foot of the hill is now the biathlon club and shooting range named Kapslovna. In the underground of Parukarka, there is an nuclear shelter Bezovka built in years 1950–1955 and also called the Parukarka bunker. Today, the bunker is part of the civil protection system and you can also find there the Cold War Museum.

Parukarka Park is now a pleasant place for both relaxation and active time spending in nature in the middle of Prague 3. There are a total of 3 children playgrounds in the park, you will find a place for picnics and public grilling spots and in the lower part of the park close to Olsanske namesti is a traditional pub with outdoor garden. The nature trail will introduce you to the history of the place and the local fauna and flora, especially the local birds. Various events and concerts are held in the lower part of the park, such as the annual Zizkov Beer Fest. The upper plain of the park is an excellent place for flying kites in autumn with your kids.

From the slope leading to the downtown there is an extraordinary view of the sunset over Prague. The functionalist National Monument in Vitkov with the equestrian statue of Jan Zizka rises from the Vitkov hill to the west. There is also a great view of Hradcany with Prague Castle and the St. Vitus Cathedral. Right in front of you there is the nearby Zizkov Televison Tower and behind it the two yellow towers of the International Telephone and Telegraph Exchange building. To the right of the TV Tower is also clearly visible dark 73 m high tower of the Zizkov church of St. Prokop. To the left of the TV Tower you can see the interesting tower of the Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord on Jiriho z Podebrad (JZP) Square. Further to the left, in the foreground, there are large Olsany Cemetery.

How to get to the view Parukarka Park

Public Transport
tram Olsanske namesti (5, 9, 15, 26, 95, 98)

bus Olsanske namesti (136, 175, 913)

cycle rout A243

Car (parking zones on

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