Street Art in Prague 2023: Guide of the best murals and graffiti art + map

Street Art in Prague 2023: Guide of the best murals and graffiti art + map

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is home to a vibrant and eclectic street art scene. From colorful murals to thought-provoking graffiti, there’s no shortage of outdoor art to discover and appreciate throughout the city.

One of the most well-known areas for street art in Prague is the neighborhood of Žižkov. Here, you’ll find numerous walls covered in bold, colorful murals, as well as smaller pieces of graffiti scattered throughout the streets. Many of the murals in Žižkov are created as part of the annual Prague Street Art Festival, which takes place every summer and attracts artists from all over the world.

Another popular spot for street art in Prague is the area around the Vltava River, particularly the Letná Park and Holesovice neighborhoods. Here, you’ll find a mix of large-scale murals and smaller, more hidden pieces of graffiti. One of the most famous murals in this area is the “Lennon Wall,” which is covered in colorful graffiti and Beatles-inspired artwork.

In addition to these well-known areas, there are also many smaller pockets of street art scattered throughout Prague. Keep your eyes peeled for murals and graffiti on the sides of buildings, in alleyways, and even on electrical boxes and other street fixtures.

While some people view graffiti and street art as a form of vandalism, many in Prague embrace it as a legitimate form of artistic expression. In fact, the city government has even designated certain areas as “legal walls,” where artists are allowed to create murals and graffiti without fear of prosecution.

If you’re interested in learning more about street art in Prague, consider taking a walking tour with a local guide who can point out some of the city’s best murals and graffiti. Alternatively, simply wander through the streets and keep an eye out for hidden gems – you never know what you might discover!

Mural The Mudusas Universe by Tron in Karlin district

“The Medusas Universe” is a name of a giant mural in Krizikova Street pained by Michal Skapa aka Tron. The mural shows two different worlds converging in their beauty. The undersea depths are the microcosm, while the universe is the macrocosm.

Medusas, incredible creatures that are hard to grasp, emerge from the depths in their colourful beauty, a light in the darkness. Tron says that medusas represent the muse or inspiration for him.

This mural, which covers an area of 120 metres, was made in three days using 70 cans of paint as part of the Wall Street Festival.

📍 Krizikova 76/61, Prague 8 – Karlin
💡 Local tip – Karlin is so packed with fantastic places to go! Long story short: Need a coffee? Go to Muj salek kavy. Are you hungry? Have a Canadian poutine at Garage or some noodles at Yam Yam. Thirsty? Grab a beer at Dva kohouti or Lokal Hamburg. Ice cream? Puro Gelato!

Mural by Mara Cmara at Hradcanska metro station

This beautiful piece of art shows a woman in a kind embrace with an iris flower surrounded by water. As the author Marek Kulhavy alias Mara Cmara says, it represents the connection to mother nature and it refers to the legacy of the Renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus”.

Furthermore, at least half of this 22-metre-high mural art was created with unique eco-friendly paints that absorb air pollutants in the same way as forests do.

This mural, located at the Hradcanska metro station, was made for the DM Drogerie campaign “What Makes Human Beings Beautiful?”. Kind of interesting connection between business and street art, right? Love it.

📍 Milady Horakove 75/105, Prague 6 – Hradcany
💡 Local tip – Cross the train tracks for one of the best ice creams in Prague at Crème de la Crème or a coffee at my favourite Misto café.

Mural Solidarity by the collective of Czech and Polish authors in Holesovice district

The mural on the residential building in Holesovice was created in 2020 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the formation of the Polish independent trade union organisation Solidarnosc (Solidarity), which had a role in the fall of communism in Poland.

Only half of the work was done here by a collective of Czech and Polish artists. The other half is located in Warsaw at Sienna 45 as an expression of the cooperation between the Polish and Czechoslovak dissent and Central Europe’s journey towards freedom.

Marek Kulhavy aka Mara Cmara, Aliona Baranova, and Barbora Idesova were among the Czech artists that contributed to the artwork. Olga Redirko, Kinga Offert, Kasia Majewska, and Karol Banach are the Polish artists. They worked together for the Polish National Cultural Centre and the Polish Institute in Prague.

📍 Tusarova 42, Prague 7 – Holesovice
💡 Local tip – If you’re a fan of contemporary art, go see the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art with its beautiful Gulliver Airship.

Mural of Ukrainian girl by Chemis in Nusle district

On 17 March 2022, Czech street art artist with Kazakh roots Dmitrij Proskin aka Chemis created an emotional mural on a house in Mojmirova Street in Nusle. The mural responded to the current situation in Ukraine and depicts a Ukrainian girl hiding her fairy tale friends under a Ukrainian flag.

The characters represent Western culture – the American Mickey Mouse, the Czech Mole, the Nordic Moomin, the French Obelix, the Polish Bolek and Lolek, the British dog Gromit, and the German Maya the Bee. In the author’s conception, the art piece symbolizes that Ukraine protects the rest of Europe.

📍 Mojmirova 116/2, Prague 4 – Nusle
💡 Local tip – Do you wanna try authentic Czech cuisine? Then visit the nearby restaurant U Bansethu and have a traditional duck.

Mural Anthropoid by Jakub Marek in Liben district

Just a few steps away from the site of the assassination of the acting Reich Protector Reinhard Heydrich, a street artwork commemorates this Second World War event. The painting on a 80-metre-long wall on Zenklova Street tells the story of Operation Anthropoid like a comic strip made by Jakub Marek.

The mural shows the whole story of the two involved officers Jozef Gabcik and Jan Kubis from the parachute drop, continues with the preparation of the assassination by the order issued by the Czechoslovak government-in-exile in London., the attack on Heydrich’s car, the escape from the scene of the crime, the hiding in the church, their defeat and death, and finishes with a representation of the victims whose execution by the Nazis avenged the killing of the Protector.

The Operation Anthropoid mural was created under the auspices of the Municipal District of Prague 8 and the Prague City Gallery.

📍 Zenklova street, near tram stop Vychovatelna, Prague 8 – Liben
💡 Local tip – Visit also the nearby memorial of the Anthropoid operation. Three resistance fighters with outstretched arms stand on a triangular plinth that symbolizes the Czech flag.

Mural Saviour of Women by JW Mind Strike in Zizkov district

Just shortly before the Central Telecommunication Building demolition, artist JW Mind Strike created the giant painting Saviour of Women on its tower. The mysterious painting of a man in a black hoodie carrying a woman in his arms is unfortunately not publicly accessible.

“Graffiti is freedom, rebellion and art together. These are the essences I was seeking. In general, you can paint either legally or illegally. Abandoned buildings are somewhere in between. It’s still illegal, but no one will probably hold you accountable. A little paint on the wall is not a major issue if the owner lets a place fall apart for decades,” JW17 explains.

At the time of its construction in the 1980s, the massive brutalist complex of the Central Telecommunication Building held the technological lead. With its technical equipment, it ranked among the world’s best. But now it stands empty and is being demolished at the moment.

📍 Olsanska 2681/6, Prague 3 – Zizkov The mural is not accessible or visible from the street.
💡 Local tip – Visit the nearby Parukarka Park which offers a beautiful view of Prague, especially during sunset.

Mural Gai & Gaia for Greenpeace by Tron in Vrsovice district

Another Tron’s piece called Gaia is part of the Wall Street Festival and Greenpeace’s global campaign celebrating the organization’s 50th anniversary. Murals with the subject “Hope to Action” are being made in 10 other countries.

The mural shows two expressive figures who represent nature. The apostle on the right wears a crown of plants that symbolize energy, nature, and life. Around his head rotate planets and gears, which are engines of movement and time.

On the left side, a girl emerges from the jungle, representing the mysterious depth of nature. The rock and city outlines in the background refer to ancient and modern civilizations.

📍 Moskevska 77/4, Prague 10 – Vrsovice
💡 Local tip – Have a delicious breakfast or coffee at my favourite Café Jen.

Mural Ambitions by Dede Bandaid & Nitzan Mintz in Zizkov district

This artwork by Israelian duo Dede Bandaid and Nitzan Mintz was made during their three-week stay in Prague in 2016. The painting of wooden animals made by Dede is on Argo Publishing House.

Nitzan who added the poems says: “It is speaking about my dream. And my main dream is to become a smart writer and smart artist, and successful. The publishing house for me is a great honour. It is exactly the place where I want to be. It represents my dream basically. So for me, it was very special. The dream I am speaking about, this is the idea. In the poem, there is me and the dream inside of the room and there is not enough oxygen, so it is either me or the dream. And I choose the dream on top of me.

📍 Milicova 67/13, Prague 3 – Zizkov
💡 Local tip – Do you need a shortcut to Karlin district to see more street art or to visit one of many local cool places? Go through the tunnel that connects Zizkov and Karlin under Vitkov Hill.

Mural against domestic violence by David Strauzz in Holesovice district

Large-scale mural showing a woman who gives strength to all who don’t feel safe in their own home. the mural measuring 20×16 metres depicts a woman whose face is covered with supporting messages to all victims of domestic violence.

The artwork was created in collaboration with IKEA as part of a long-term project against domestic violence. Its aim is to change legislation for better legal protection of victims of domestic violence.

Canadian street art artist with Czech roots David Strauzz has been working in Prague since 2015, settling with his studio in Pragovka. “I hope there will be more murals in Prague than street advertisements”, he says.

📍 Argentinska 1098/17, Prague 7 – Holesovice
💡 Local tip – Just behind the corner, there is the coolest club in Prague – the legendary Cross Club. Don’t forget to at least take a peek if you can’t make it to one of their events. Even the exteriors are insanely crazy.

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