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Christmas Prague: Have you already seen Christmas trams?

You can come across beautiful Christmas-decorated and brightly lit public transport vehicles in Prague. You can ride in a Christmas tram or retrobus and the popular lubrication tram also got a Christmas coat. Do you know where you can catch them?

Until 6 January, you can take advantage of the festive occasions and ride in one of the decorated Christmas trams or retrobus. The vehicles are decorated together with more than 13,000 Christmas lights, as well as interior decorations and stickers with winter and Christmas themes.

Christmas trams

An older type of T3 tram, which runs on lines 2 and 22, is decorated with Christmas lights. You will find a total of 2,400 lights on each vehicle.

The newer type of the Skoda 15T ForCity tram also has a beautiful decoration. It is decorated with both outdoor Christmas stickers and 5,760 electric candles, as well as indoor Christmas decorations. This tram regularly changes the lines so it can show off all over Prague.

Christmas lubrication tram "Mazacka"

The popular lubrication tram aka Mazacka is also beautifully decorated this year. It is lit by snowflakes and an angel. Together it is decorated with 3,840 lights. This tram maintains rails in good shape.

You can watch the journey of the Christmas-glowing Mazacka through Prague live on Mall.TV.

Christmas retrobus

Running on lines 175 and 124 you can meet the Christmas-decorated Karosa Citelis retorbus, which has 3,840 lights.


DPP has posted timetables of all Christmas vehicles on their website, where you can find when and where you can meet them in Prague (in CZ only).

Have you ever ridden Prague Christmas vehicles? And which one do you like the most?

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